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Hi, glad you made it this far.


I’m a UX/UI Designer and Artist, an MFA Graduate from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (2018) and a diploma graduate as a UX/UI Designer (Netcraft 2021). Since graduating I worked in a big agency specializing in UX/UI and software development, i found this combination of human experience and design to be super fascinating, creative and functional. This intersection was exactly what I was looking for.


During my studies in the field of art I've gained important skills that now as a UX/UI designer, I found to be very useful and applicable. These include composition, structure, hierarchy, layout of elements, color palettes and many more. 


I look forward to joining a team where I can contribute the most and not any less important, to be a good pal.


Some more info about me.


My art works engage and utilize the processing of photography in various forms. They are created with a scalpel, which I use to peel the surface of the printed image. At the end of that process what is created is a mixture of the original image and the white surface layer of the printing paper. 

*Selection of works from recent years

Liza Brand

In 2017 I co-founded Liza, a brand focusing on the integration of art and street wear. We were inspired by the unique geometric shapes that are visible everywhere in the architecture surrounding our cities. All of the designs were based on my art works, then printed on t-shirts, prints, bags and more.

LIZA Logo.png