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UX / UI for a leading electrical car brand 

Hello Aiways France!

As part of my role I was leading an exciting project of introducing a global brand of electronic cars to France.


My Role

Project lead




The Goal

Creating a user friendly categorized website, which will increase engagement and sales.

Global Project

The initial process began with a few video meetings with the client, in order to fully understand the intentions and expectations from the project. 





Our studio


Group 849.jpg

Pick our brains

Our team was looking into other vehicle websites in order to get to know the subject better, therefore the research was very important to fully understand how to "attack" the subject in our own way.   

The brand

We had to take into consideration the brand's main defining pointes, working with the brand design book and conducting interviews with some of the new clients in France.


Main conclusions 


Clear and coherent visual language throughout the entire website.


Folds that will add depth to the  brand and the growing community around it, which can also increase sales. 


Additional information about the product enriches the content and creates a sense of confidence.


Using the main properties of the brand, colors, shapes and more.


Exposing as much as possible because we need to reveal the car to a new audience. 


Equal spacing between folds helps to ease the feeling of a cognitive overload.


As we entered the UX phase, based on the insights gained from the research, i created the wireframes for the website so we can start showing the client the flow we wanted to create for the website.

Home Page.jpg
Test Drive.jpg
Purchase New Cars.jpg
Content page.jpg
Job list.jpg

The design

There’s no place like home

The biggest emphasis we wanted to apply for the homepage is balance and movement. Placing the different parts in an order that creates a precise customer journey, which empowers the users and boosts both sales and brand awareness.

macbook-pro-mockup-floating-over-a-transparent-background-a11409 copy.png

Different events, different needs

One of the must important elements for the client was the emphasis on the events, therefore we decided to create a main page for all events (past & future), and anther specific page layout for each event, so the customer can sense that its not just a very nice car but also there is a growing community around it.

15-inch-macbook-pro-retina (1).png
15-inch-macbook-pro-retina (2).png

Anybody here?

As its a new brand in France, it was very important that the FAQ page will be as detailed as possible, with selected questions, a map section to provide all the necessary focal points, and some content about the car.

By covering all that information we assumed the customer will find his answers without getting frustrated and leaving. 

macbook-pro-mockup-floating-over-a-transparent-background-a11409 copy.png

Hello dear

We created a page which is a somewhat introduction of the Aiways new model, therefore we decided to have a few sections with pictures, videos ,texts and some more technical information, so the potential user will receive all the necessary information he needs and hopefully will lead them to purchasing the vehicle. 

macbook-pro-mockup-floating-over-a-transparent-background-a11409 copy.png


The main goal in the responsive mobile redesign is to maintain the same design style of the desktop version and make navigation as easy as possible for the user.

iphone-x-mockup-against-a-solid-color-background-a17170 (1).png
iphone-x-mockup-against-a-solid-color-background-a17170 (2).png
iphone-x-mockup-against-a-solid-color-background-a17170 (3).png
iphone-x-mockup-against-a-solid-color-background-a17170 (4).png
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